We use only top quality industrial finishes on our cabinets for the best protection of your investment.

Our catalyzed finishes offer exceptional durability, scratch resistance, as well as the most protection from water and  common household chemicals available.

Most cabinets  have finishes applied only to the exposed parts of the cabinet, while leaving unseen areas unfinished.  We apply our protective finish to all sides of every component of our cabinetry, drawers and accessories, to provide the best stability and durability of all the materials used.  Wood is in a constant state of flux, adjusting to changes in humidity.  Sealing all sides of the components, helps to minimize unwanted side effects of the woods movement.

In addition to the many standard stain colors we have to choose from, we can custom match an existing color for you as well.  Likewise we can also custom mix any paint color you desire.

By adding shading toners to stains and glazing effects to both stain and paint colors, a vast array of finish combinations can be achieved to give you the custom look you desire.

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