Superior cabinet construction

What makes a superior cabinet?  It starts with the right materials, it includes proper construction techniques, design and above all, craftsmanship. 

Most cabinets are constructed of 1/2″ “furniture board” (furniture board, sometimes also referred to as engineered wood, is an industry term for particle board) or as an upgrade, 1/2″ plywood.  In some cases, it’s even a combination of the two.  The backs are typically 1/4″ thick or less with “hanging rails” used to attach the cabinet to the wall.  Our Cabinets are constructed entirely of 3/4″ plywood, not 1/2″, no particleboard, no 1/4″ backs, no “hanging rails”.  This makes for one of the strogest cabinets available.

A common misconception about cabinetry is that the presence of dovetailed drawers automatically makes the cabinet  high quality.  This is not necessarily true.  A dovetailed drawer can be added to any cabinet regardless of the quality of the cabinet.  They can even be added as an option to many budget lines of cabinets  In many cases the drawers are much stronger than the cabinets they are in.

Our cabinets are crafted with the same care and attention to quality and craftsmanship as the dovetailed drawers they house.  We utilize time honored construction methods such as dado construction, glue and screws (instead of nails or staples).

Our cabinets have space built-in to allow for scribing to the walls for a custom fit.  This means our cabinets can easily handle any imperfections in the wall, and allow for a gap free installation. 

It’s about the details

These are some of the features that can only be found on custom cabinets.  These are all standard on our cabinets:

  • The cabinet sides fit flush with faces on the finished ends.  This allows the sides flow seamlessly into the face of the cabinet much like fine furniture.
  •  Shelves have soft rounded front edges.  A custom look with no sharp edges, as well as added durability.
  •  All exposed edges are rounded for a softer feel with no sharp corners.
  •  Dovetailed drawers are sanded smooth, with soft rounded top edges.
  •  Cabinet bottoms are flush with faces for easier cleaning and a smoother feel.
  •  Cabinet interiors receive a clear finish for a clean look. The interiors can also be stained if desired.

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